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Welcome to the online"Zagaris Family Network" - Ensuring your business foundation stays rock-solid.

Here, we provide free access to useful links and resources that help you to proactively resolve business related issues, find a needed service, and improve your overall experience in doing busines.

All Zagaris-owned Properties and Business Plazas contain and utilize an entire network of diverse business and vendor services. Please visit this page first to obtain an overview of all "Zagaris Family Network" resources which include tenant listings, current approved vendors, and outside resources intended to help you build a solid businesses foundation, develop business strategies, plan growth, and stay successful!

This directory is a small part of our larger ongoing effort to provide our tenants easy access to streamlined business development tools and resources. We only provide links and information to "Zagaris Family Network" approved resources so you know you can count on reliable, quality services from within the "Zagaris Family Network".

All of us, working together within the "Zagaris Family Network" can significantly help reduce the costs of doing business while leveraging access to many resources that may unknowingly be at your doorstep.

As a Zagaris Property-based business, you can have your business information listed here, free of charge, and leverage our high-traffic Web presence. If you have a great business, service company, or external vendor resource you wish to reccomend on this page, just submit the information through our new online "Service Request Form" so we can then post a link and any available info. to help spread the word.

Consider it free advertising, or just smart business, we at Zagaris Properties provide this service too you just for being a part of our ever-growing "Zagaris Family Network". and is proof of our commitment to do more than just provide you with space to do business. We stand commited to help our clients adjust to current economy climate changes.

Zagaris Family Network Links:

Commercial Real Estate Sales: Commercial Real Estate Sales and Top Broker: Ron Calabrese http://www.roncala.com - Unsurpassed Knowledge, Experience and Reputation.

Build Your Brand on the Internet- Web Development and SEO Specialist: Fortune 500 VP of Web Program Development and 15 year veteran as IT Development Executive - Shane J. Hopkins can help you to build a Web presence that works with exceptional R.O.I. Call today for free consultation. Mention "Zagaris Family Network" for a 20% discount on any website development contract. 727.726.1487

Handcrafted Cigar Box Guitars and Music Essentials: www.sugarboxguitarcompany.com - One of a kind 3,4 and 6 string Cigar Box Guitars for stage, studio, mantle, or back porch. 727.259.3242 Appointments only. Free handmade case with any guitar purchase - use code: "Zagaris"

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